With all the ezBoard weirdness, we've decided to move the board to a better location. While most of the problems have been resolved, there is still some odd things going on, and ezboard is still lacking in a few features we'd like to have.

This new board should work well. It has a better PM system, is much more friendly when it comes to Ads, and other things as well.....

During the change over, we will be checking both boards and reminding people over here that the new board is up. After the next few days, we'll close down the ezboard forums, and leave a announcement post behind to redirect people to the new board.

Here is the link to the new board:


Feel free to use it! There are some guidelines and information in the "Welcome to The Void..." forum there. There are a few rules we have in place that you should be aware of, but it's not necessary.

We'll let people who don't know off with a warning about the rule, and direct them to the page with what they need to know. However, for the sake of ease, the "Do"s and "Don't"s thread in the Welcome forum has most of the actual guidelines. That's suggested reading.

Well, see you on the new board!